Top 7 Best Trimmer for men

If you are looking for the best trimmer for your beard, and you have a budget of Rs 1000, then you are on the right article. Today we have prepared this article by searching for information on the Internet. In which we will try to give you more and more information related to the Trimmer.

Men or women both want to look beautiful, but today we will not talk about women but will talk about the beard of men and this article will help you choose the best trimmer for your beard style and saving.

Like earlier people used razor blade for saving which was used only for beard saving, but today we are talking about trimmer with the help of which you can give good look and style to your beard. For beard setting or saving we have to go to the saloon again and again if we buy a trimmer for home use we can easy to set our beard and can saving with the help of trimmer.

But In the market most of the trimmer available and many people do not know that how to choose a perfect trimmer for himself, so we try to give some information on this article to choose a perfect trimmer for yourself and some guides which help you choose the best trimmer for you. 

Top 6 Best Trimmer for Men In India 2021

In this list we have mention some trimmer for men which is come the price under 1000, and all the trimmer are branded and come with warranty.

1. Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer


If  you're looking for a branded trimmer which come under 1000 then you can go for the Philips BT1212/15. This is the best trimmer for durable and easy to use trimmer for men if you are new for trimmer the Philips BT1212 is the best trimmer for you because its has minimum setting and off on button on the trimmer.


  • Run Around 30 Minute one time charge.
  • 32MM Cutter width in this trimmer.
  • For Charging you get USB Support.
  • You can set up to zero to 7MM Beard.
  • Skin friendly blades with no irritation.
  • 2Year Warranty with this Philips trimmer.

Pros for This Trimmer

  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.

Cos for this Trimmer

  • Charging Cable is small
  • Battery Issue may be

2. Nova HNT-1015 Trimmer for Men

Nova HNT-1015 Trimmer for Men

 Nova HNT-1015 Timmer is the best cheap Trimmer for men. This trimmer is very lightweight and easy to use with durable. Its battery removable and rechargeable with the help of data cable. Its design gives you comfort with grip and easily and softly save and design your beard.


  • 8 hours charge you can run it around 30 minutes
  • Removable and Rechargeable Battery
  • High grade Stainless Steel
  • Convenience and easy to handle when used.
  • Light Weight and portable design.
  • 1-Year Warranty with this Nova Trimmer.

Pros of the Trimmer

  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable with low price

Cos of the Trimmer

  • Charger cable small
  • No for thicker hail

3.MI Cordless Beard Trimmer 1C

MI Cordless Beard Trimmer 1C

If you want a trimmer with a good battery life and budgets also under 1000 then you will definitely go for MI Bread Trimmer. In this you got 60 minutes run time is single charge. And also have led battery indicator in this trimmer. Its have easy to use and different design.


  • You can use 60 minutes with 2 hours charge.
  • Micro USB charger for charging.
  • LED Battery Indicator show battery life.
  • 20 length settings with 0.5 mm precision
  • Perfect grip, Easy to use, more efficiency
  • 1Year Warranty with this trimmer.

Pros for MI Trimmer

  • Good battery
  • Good Quality

Cos for MI Trimmer

4. Vega T3 Beard Trimmer for men

Vega T3 Beard Trimmer for men

In this Vega T3 Trimmer is come with best design or lightweight with grip. The Vega T3 trimmer is also having a battery indicator which show the status of the battery. This trimmer come with micro USB cable which help you can charge your trimmer. This trimmer take few hours for charge compare to other trimmer.


  • 90 minutes charge you can use it for 90 minutes.
  • LED Display indicator for battery status.
  • T3 Stainless Steal gives you smooth & Comfortable trim.
  • Adjustable length setting 0.5 to 10 mm Beard.
  •  Come with Micro USB cable or cleaning oil.
  • Trimmer in black colour with texture look.

Pros of the trimmer

  • Battery & charger good.
  • Not Noisy trimmer
Cos of the trimmer.

5. Kurba KB 1001 Ultra Sleek Trimmer for men

Kurba KB 1001 Ultra Sleek Trimmer for men

If you are looking for a good battery trimmer with more efficient adjustable trimmer than you can go with Kurba KB-1001. You can use this trimmer along with cordless or with card. If you charge it for 90 minutes it's also given you 90minuts runtime.


  • You can use it for 90 minutes in single charge.
  • User-friendly for Cordless or without Cord.
  • The Best Adjustable setting in this trimmer.
  • Design also handy pick with good grip.
  • 1-Year Warranty in Kurba KB-1001 Trimmer.

Pros of the trimmer

  • Good battery backup.
  • Take minimum time to charge.

Cos of the trimmer

6. Syska HT 200Pro Hear and Beard Trimmer

Syska HT 200Pro Hear and Beard Trimmer

Syska is made in INDIA manufacturing company, so it's  best for all Indian users. In Syska HT 200pro come with Hear and Beard Trimmer which is the best in this price. You get in this trimmer good design Sharp blade and easy to use. 


  • You can use it for 45 minutes in single charge.
  • Adjustable trimmer Range, Rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to use, Washable with water.
  • Suitable for both hair and beard.
  • 2-year Manufacturing warranty in this trimmer.

Pros for the trimmer

  • Easy to use.
  • Water Proof trimmer
Cos of the trimmer

7. Kurba KB-1001 Trimmer for men

Kurba KB-1001 Trimmer for men

If you are looking for trimmer for long beard than the Kurba KB-1001 the best trimmer for you that's trimmer you get up to 40 length setting trimmer. Its very slim beard trimmer for men. With the help of this trimmer you can do many types of beard style.


  • You can charge it 90 minutes, use around for 90 minutes
  • You can use it with cord or cordless trimmer
  • Professional detachable and washable blade.
  • Amazingly Simple, easy for a variety of styles.
  • 1-Year Warranty with this trimmer
Pro of the trimmer
  • useful for long hair
  • remove blade and washable

Cos of the trimmer

Few Tips for Buying a Trimmer for men

  • If you take a trimmer, you get both types, that is, you can use it with Cordless and Cord, this feature is available in all trimmers today.
  • Whenever you take the trimmer, you should pay attention to the quality of its blade as the blades of the trimmer are of Carbon Steal, Stainless Steal, Titanium and Ceramic type, in this you should choose the best blade build quality in your budget. 
  • As we use cordless trimmer more only, so you should choose the trimmer for which you get the best battery because many trimmers take a long time to charge and are used only a few minutes.
  • Trimmer built quality should be very good because we have to use it every day, but you should choose only the best built quality trimmer in your budget.
  • Whenever we take a product, we have to look suitable and comfort for ourselves, so whenever you buy a trimmer, you should choose according to how you use it with its design, handy grip.

Benefit Trimmer for men at home

  1. By using the trimmer, we can save our time, which is very important today because the common man has to go to the saloon for beard cut 3 to 4 times a week , which takes a lot of time with the help of trimmer we can save the time and give your beard cut and new look.
  2. If we save our beard at home with the trimmer, then our money is also saved. Suppose if we go saloon 3 times a week it costs 500 rupees minimum and if we set the beard at home from the trimmer once, there is a long-term benefit in one time investing.
  3. With the help of trimmer, we can set our beard at home, meaning that we can use it whenever we get time. Which are convenient and profitable for us.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which trimmer is best and cheap?

Ans. Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer is the best cheap trimmer for men because it's cut around zero to 7 mm beard with good battery and quality.

Q.2 How to choose a trimmer?

Ans. Firstly you set your budget then look out the market the best trimmer on that budgets. You need attention with the blade quality which available in different type like carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and ceramic you choose the best blade under your budgets.

Q3. Which trimmer is the best for hair cut at home?

Ans. Syska HT200pro is the best trimmer for hair cut at home because that's company also claim for this .

Q4. Which trimmer is better syska or Philips?

Ans. If you are looking on list Philips is the best trimmer for men because quality, battery blade and also low price compare to syska.


We have tried to tell some best trimmer for men in this article and some suggestions have also been given which will help you a little in buying the best trimmer. Today young men take great care of the beard, and it has become a fashion and with the help of trimmer you can give a new look to your beard in your own way which you can do at home. There are different trimmer brands available in the market, and we have tried to include the best brand trimmer in it, which you get within 1000.