Ever since WhatsApp changed its privacy policy, people have been looking for an alternative app Who Replace WhatsApp, in such an application, whose name is Signal app its Signal app free, there has been a good Alternative option of a WhatsApp for people, in such a situation, what is the application of WhatsApp? It works like WhatsApp and does it get the same feature as given in WhatsApp? How to download and use it? You get the answer to all these in this article.

WhatsApp Alternative App Signal

What is Single App?

The Signal app is a massaging app like WhatsApp that can be used for text message, voice massage, images, video and video calling, this app developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger, which is almost a Non - Profit like a beneficial company its means Single app free of use Signal App follows all the Order of the Telecom Authority, due to which it can be called safe.

Can we use Signal app instead of WhatsApp?

Signal App can be used like WhatsApp because it has a lot of features similar to WhatsApp like you can use all the features in it like Video Call Image Video Massage text Massage Group Creating Group Video Call, which works just like WhatsApp. But you get a lot of work to look good like WhatsApp and see No more Template and Background feature, due to which this application is not able to give you a good look. But in this you get some feature that are not seen in WhatsApp.

How to download Signal App from where?

You can download the Signal app from your Play Store and Apple Store, whose link is given below, if you talk about how to install it in your Android Mobile, the complete steps have been given below.

How To Download Signal Application on Android mobile mode?

Just like first you have to go to your Smartphone's Play Store, after that you have to do a single app search, when you have Signal app search on your mobile, then you have to install it.

Single App Download Link

When you download and open the Signal app in your mobile, then the Window Open below will appear in front of you, in which you have to add your mobile number.

Single App Number Add

Like in the above image, first you have to select your country, then you have to add your mobile number to it, after that you will get a PIN for the mobile number Verification, you have to put the PIN in the Signal app, then your Mobile Number Signal app Will be verified.

When your mobile number is verified, a new window will open in front of you, as seen in the image below.

Add your name photo in Signal app

When you have your mobile number verified in the Signal App, then a new window opens in front of you, in which you have to set up your profile, first you have to set your profile picture, after that your first name and last name Type is to enter and then click on Next. Your Single App is ready to use.

What feature available on Signal App?

Main Feature in Signal Setting

  1. SMS and MMS - In SMS and MMS you can use your Signal App as a mobile SMS and MMS with the help of this feature, that is, you can use it as a normal text message.
  2. Notification - Notification, then you know that whenever a massage comes on your Signal app, directly it will let you know that massage has come on your Signal app.
  3. Privacy - In this option, you have been given features like Screen Lock Access, Screen Shot lock, Pin Change, Reminder, which can give you complete security on this app.
  4. Appearance - In this option, you get the option to select the theme and language of your Signal app, it does not have much option of the theme, this is its drawback.
  5. Chats and Media - In this option, you get to see the feature of controlling your chats and media, such as audio image video, the feature of turning on the font size emoji of the message, you get the most important feature to back up your chats, but in this you get emoji There are not many options available.
  6. Storage - In this feature, how long do you have to secure the data of your Image Video Chats and you can also set the limit of your incoming massage on your Signal app.

You get all the above mentioned feature options in this application, that is, in a way, all those features are present in it, which are available in the same way as WhatsApp.

Signal app Review

Signal app is a Massager App just like of WhatsApp, using of this we can transfer Text Massage, Video Call, Create Group, Image, File Document to another mobile with the help of your mobile. Single App says that this application Completely Secure anyone can not read your Text Conversation and no one else can read your Massage nor can see your Voice and Video Call. You can Conversation completely with secure with the help of signal app.

In this application you do not get to see any kind of Sponsor Ads, due to which you do not get to see any problem in your conversions. It is an app Developed for Free by Single Foundation which anyone can easily use.

If you talk about its User Interface, then this Signal app you do not get to see anything special attractive, there are a No lots of options of Theme and Emoji are also seen. This means that these applications do not appear as updated as they are in today's era, but you can get more new features and updates as its usage increases with time.


After coming to WhatsApp's Privacy Policy, Signal App can be a better option for you, in which you get to see many options of WhatsApp but some are not seen at Advance Level. But as its usage will increase in the same way, this application will continue to be updated and in future it can prove to be better in giving better facilities like WhatsApp and even better.