Today Television is becoming very smart like Internet, Apps, Game, everything can be used in it, and it can also be used as a Personal Computer, but LED still does not see much improvement in Sound. The speakers of the TV are of very low quality Watt in which only the sound is heard, But when we want to listen to a thriller film or music, we do not enjoy the sound of television.

When our LED TV does not enjoy the sound quality, we feel the need for a speaker. Then we start thinking of getting the best Soundbar or home theatre for our television, but home theatre is also a very good option, but today we have brought Soundbar for you, when will add to Soundbar on  your LED then sound of your television to enhance the beauty of your home also. So let's know about the best soundbar under 5000 and its feature so that you can evaluate them.

The Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India

MI Soundbar with 8 Speaker Driver

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Cloud Walker Burst 12000 50W 

Mulo Arena 5000 with subwoofer

FitSpark SOLO S8 2.1 Channel Soundbar

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F&D T160 2.0 Soundbar (Black)

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Zebronics Zeb-Juke Soundbar with Woofer

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Below are some soundbars that will enhance your television sound and home look. The price of soundbar has been kept under 5000, you must check out once.

1. Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (Black)


If you are looking for the best soundbar then you must check MI Soundbar once. The MI Soundbar is very attractive and its sound quality is quite good. These are quite perfect soundbar for smart television of 32 Inches, but you give it a very good watch in other television as well. You can attach the MI Soundbar from the wall with just two hooks. MI Soundbar is available in only two colours Black and White.

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2. Cloud Walker BURST I2000 50W 2.1 Channel

Cloud walker soundbar under 5000

Cloud Walker Soundbar is the best option if you are looking below the Soundbar, which is priced below 5000, you get to see party lighting in this soundbar. Which you can enjoy during the party at night. You also get connectivity like Bluetooth 5.0 and Aux in Cloud Walker. Sound 50 W has been given in it. These soundbars are of heavy weight.

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3. Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer


Mulo Soundbar with woofer can be a very good option for your Smart LED TV. In this, you get a subwoofer separately with Soundbar. If you are looking a budgets soundbar around 5000, and you want a good sound with a good quality, then this soundbar can prove to be good for you. In this, all options for Connectivity like Bluetooth, Aux cable and USB like Connectivity Port have been given. These soundbars are lightweight and quite stylish.

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4. FitS park SOLO S8 2.1 Channel Soundbar


The FitS Park SOLO Soundbar is quite premium look and stylish soundbar. If you are looking for a soundbar that is light and premium, then the Fits park Soundbar can prove to be quite good for you. Bluetooth, HDMI, 3.5 mm jack USB all ports are provided in this soundbar, which can easily connect to any of your devices in this, you get a sound quality of 180W, its comes with a stylish sleek remote with the soundbar, which is quite good at this price. It comes with good finishing in black colour.

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5. F&D T160X 2.0 TV Soundbar (Black)


The size and weight of this soundbar from F&D brand is very high. This soundbar is suitable for smart television of all sizes but due to its high weight, it disappoints a bit. In this too, you have been given all Connectivity support such as Bluetooth Aux cable USB and optical port and an in this display show the connectivity in the LED which is good feature in this soundbar It has sound speaker 40 W which is almost good. This soundbar can be called quality and sound average at this price.

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6. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Soundbar with Woofer


The size and weight of the Zebronics Soundbar is quite good. These Soundbar are quite stylish and come with a premium look. It has separate subwoofer and remote. Talking about connectivity, all kinds of connectivity have been given in it, Bluetooth, Aux cable and also port have been given. It has the output sound of both subwoofer and soundbar to hear 45 Watt. The design and sound of the soundbar are quite good.

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Soundbar Buying Guide Few Tips

If you are buying a soundbar you can pay attention to this point.

  • Soundbar Size and Type

Whenever you take the soundbar, then you need to pay special attention to which device you will connect this soundbar with or whether you want to use it in a different device, for both you have to make the right choice if we talk about  Smart TV then you want to put it on the wall or whether you have the space to keep it or not. And the size of your TV decide which size soundbar you should buy.

  • Sound with Channel Type

If you take a soundbar, then it is most important that the sound of the soundbar and how much woofer and the speakers in it, meaning whenever you take a soundbar, you must check the quality of the sound in it and also pay special attention to how much the speaker and woofer are installed in it. To enjoy the soundbar properly.

  • Connectivity with Port

If we talk about Soundbar connectivity then we need to pay attention to it because if all the support of connectivity will be in a device then you can connect more devices. Such as HDMI Aux Cable 3.5 mm jack USB support etc. But Bluetooth connectivity support is also available in the soundbar. All these support can give multiple connectivity to your soundbar.

  • Soundbar Size and Weight

Today everyone likes the thin and light product because that is why whenever you have to purchase a soundbar, then you should buy it only by looking at the size of your smart TV, and you have to put it on the desk or attach in the wall accordingly. You should choose the right soundbar so that you can use it easily.

  • Budgets Review Rating for soundbar

Soundbar is cheap and expensive too, you should make the right choice in your budgets and when you look at your price then whatever option you have to buy then you must observe the rating and review of that soundbar and some more Time should be researched about it so that you can buy the best soundbar in your budget.

Frequently Asked Question About soundbar

     1. Which is the Best Sound Bar for Smart TV?

Ans. MI Soundbar can be very good for you. These soundbar comes with a very premium look and these are soundbar under 5000.

    2. Which is the best sound bar with woofer under 5k?

Ans. The Mulo Arena 5000 is a very good soundbar that comes with a Subwoofer priced at under 5k. The sound Quality and Weight Size fell good very good on this price range.

3. Cheapest Soundbar is good ?

Ans. The most important is how you have to use Soundbar. Soundbar Cheapest is also available in the market which comes with very good quality and sound and is also Durable.


Soundbar makes your television quite attractive, and it is the best Alternative of home theatre, you can use it both in the wall and the desk. If you want to give a good Design to your television room and hall, and you can choose a soundbar. In this article we have given some Soundbar option which is both Without Subwoofer and With Subwoofer. The soundbar price comes under 5000. You can check out them once.