Top 8 Best Earphones Under 300 in India

Top 8 best Earphone under 300

Ever since Earphones have stopped coming with Smartphone, we have to buy Earphone separately. Today, good smartphone prices have also become very high and the absence of an earphone together increases the budgets of the smartphone. Earphones are available in both the cheap and expensive in the market, but getting the right and durable earphone at a low price makes it a bit difficult.

Today we are going to list some such earphones for you, which can prove to be a good earphone for you at a lower price. We have included the best earphone under 300 in India in this list, whose price is within 300 rupees.

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The Best Earphone Under 300 in India 2021

1. pTron Boom Lite in-Ear Wired Earphones 

Top 8 best earphone under 300

We have placed pTron Boom Lite In-Ear Earphone at no 1. Talking about this earphone, these are quite Durable Earphones, whose price is under 300 rupees. It was given 1.2 meter Tangle free cable which will not let you feel the confusion of wired. It has 9 mm Dual Driver for sound which will enhance your music or call experience. These earphones come with a 6-month warranty.

Main Keys

  • In-Ear wired Earphone
  • 1.2 Meter Tangle free cable
  • 9 mm Dual Driver for sound
  • Durable earphone with In-built mic
  • 6-month warranty
  • good sound
  • warranty
  • average quality

2. WeCool Mr. Bass in-Ear Earphones

Best In-ear earphone for men

Wecool Mr. In the Bass In-Ear Earphone, you get very good bass listening, it has a 3.5 Jack which can be used with smartphone and laptop also. These earphones come with 7 mm Driver's Sound Quality. You can keep it in a pocket, that is, it is very comfortable and easy to carry. You can enjoy it during your Gym Jogging and Walking.

Main Keys

  • 7 mm drivers perform a punchy, rhythmic Sound
  • perfect fit to your ear
  • 3.5 mm jack come with silver coat
  • you can connect smartphone or laptop
  • come with carry case in-Ear
  • good price with quality
  • better sound
  • problem with volume button

3. Philips SHE1505BK/94 Upbeat Earphones

Branded In-ear earphone under 300

The Philips In-Ear earphone is very premium and has a 10 mm Sound Driver that will give you a bass and tremble sound experience. Even if you are using a long time in earphone, you will not be uncomfortable. It has a 3.5 mm jack with 1.2 meter cable. It has a button provided that you can connect or disconnect the call. There are quite stylish earphones.

Main Keys

  • 10 mm Driver for sound quality
  • Plan cable around 1.2 meter
  • 3.5 mm jack Plug and play
  • Fit for ear rubber cap
  • One button for operate
  • best in price tag
  • wired quality good
  • Average Sound

4. UBON  UB-642 In-Ear Universal Earphone

the In-earphone In india

UBON Universal Earphone is connected to all  type of your smartphone, talk about its design, then black with gold colour gives it a different look. This earphone has a 10 mm driver that gives you a strong bass experience. Its in-ear cap feels uncomfortable. These earphones connect to all your devices like smartphone, laptop and desktop with the help of 3.5 mm jack.

Main Keys

  • Universal In-Ear Earphone
  • 10 mm Driver for Strong bass
  • 3.5 mm jack can connect multiple device
  • Flexible sound with durable cable
  • Design and weight is different
  • cable is thick
  • attractive
  • uncofortable buds

5. oraimo Vortex 2S Optimized Sound Metal in-Ear

Optimized Sound Metal in-Ear

Oraimo In-Ear Earphone are Stylish Premium and Durable Earphone. If we talk about its cable, then very good quality has been given. It has a button that allows you to control music and call. The rubber cap made in it is quite fit and comfortable. In the gym walking exercise will give you a good experience of listening to music. This earphone black colour durable cable with silver colour 3.5 mm jack also gives it quite attractive look.

Main Keys

  • Stylish and Premium look
  • Durable 1.2 meter tangle free cable
  • 3.5 mm jack with silver coated
  • Sound and built quality good
  • one button control music, call
  • good in price tag
  • good built quality
  • average sound

6. Zinq Technologies ZQEP-222-BASSIST

Best 8 In-Ear earphone under 300

Zinq Technology earphone comes with metallic colour polish finishing. It is wired made with silicon material. For sound, this earphone has a 10 mm driver which will give you the experience of thumping bass. It also has Smart Assistant support. Its design makes your ear to comfort feel. You are given tangle free cable which is 3.5 mm jack with gold coated. In this, you have been given an in-line multifunction button, from which you can also use a smart assistant.

Main Keys

  • Tangle free cable with 3.5 mm jack
  • In-Line control button for multifunction
  • In-Ear Design suitable for all
  • 10 mm Driver for clear, extra bass
  • cable silicon with metallic finishing
  • Best in this price
  • come with extra buds
  • sound is average

7. Zebronics Zeb-Calyx, In-Ear Wired Earphone

Best Cheap In-EArphone with good sound

Zebronics Zeb-Calyx, the design of in-ear buds of Wired Earphone has been given quite attractive. Which gives this earphone a different look, black colour shine polish gives it a good look. These earphones are the cheapest earphone in it. If we talk about the feature, then a combination of 10 mm driver and 3.5 mm jack is seen in it. It has 1.2 meter cable with in-line button for multifunction. It has two colours which are black or white.

Main Keys

  • 10 mm Driver for Deep Bass
  • 3.5 mm jack for multiple device
  • 1.2 meter cable with in-line button
  • come with two extra different buds
  • colour available in white black
  • price tag is good
  • good for normal use
  • Buds are uncomfortable

8. QBIT Essentials® MI in-Ear Earphone

Tagle free In-earphone under 300

The QBIT Essentials® MI in-ear earphone has two holes in the buds which can give you a special feel for music. It has in-line Control which is useful for multifunction,1.2 meter tangle free cable given on this earphone. In-Built HD Mic also provide in the In-Ear. These earphones give a good look to all smartphones in white colour.

Main Keys

  • 3.5 mm jack for multiple device
  • 1.2 tangle free cable
  • In-line Button for multifunction
  • In-built mic for HD voice calling
  • White colour are most suitable
  • good for calling
  • design is different
  • May Unfit In-ear

If you buy an earphone within Rs 300, you have many earphones Option for this, but we have included the same earphone which costs 200 to 300 rupees, and we have given them in this list according to some criteria. The criteria are given below.

Important Points Making Earphone List

  • Earphone Price

As if you are looking at an earphone at the price of 300, therefore we have given priority to the price in the first place i.e. all the earphones given in this list can be purchased for 300 rupees.

  • Earphone Sound

We have kept the driver sound second parameter in making the list of this earphone as it can be said to be the most important point for earphone.

  • Design and Durability

Design and their Durability play a huge role for any product, so we have included earphone in this list in view of this.

  • Review and Rating

Finally, we have included a parameter of customer review and rating in it. Who play an important role in making this list.

Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q Earphone)

1. Which Earphone is the best Under 300?

Ans. If you are looking a Durable Earphone the pTron and Oraima Earphone may be good earphone under 300 both are come with tangle free cable which is good.

2. What is tangle free cable Earphone meaning?

Ans. Tangle Free Cable Earphones mean these earphone cables don't stick together, they are earphones with easy to use cable.

3. How to choose a good wired earphone?

Ans. Whenever you choose a good earphone, then you should choose the right driver for the sound in it and only an earphone with tangle free cable should be taken because the most earphone deteriorates quickly due to bad cable.


Earphone is an important device for our smartphone that has stopped coming with the smartphone these days. If you are looking for an earphone at low price, then this article will help you. In this article, we have tried to give top 8 Earphones under  300 in India, the price of which comes in the middle of 200 to 300. In this, we have made this list keeping in mind the sound, cable and price, in this price you also get other options which you can check out online.