top 5 best smart band under 3000

Today technology is advancing a lot and this technology has made our life much easier and when it comes to our well-being then we are unable to take full care of our healthy in the running of life. There is no time available for your well-being, so today we have come with such gadgets which can be helpful in taking care of your health.

What we are talking about the  Fitness Band, with which you can check some of your information like you can count your pulse rate, you can also check how many steps are going on and how many calories you have burnt during the day. Many types of movement and exercise you can track with the help of these smart bad You can wear this smart band on your wrist, and it can help you monitor your fitness and health. I have mention in this article top 5 smart band under 3000 some brand like Mi, Samsung, Realme, Honor Redmi Smart Band you may like this Smart Band.

Best Smart Band Under 3000 [January 2021] In India

We have given you the basic information about Smart Band, but you also need to take care of yourself according to buying smart band in view careful, we have brought some Smart Band option for you, which are available on Amazon, which is affordable price is available on the website from Amazon.

MI Smart Band 5                    Price 2499      Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy Fit E          Price  2499

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Realme Band Multicolour       Price  1699

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Redmi Smart Band               Price  1599

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Honor Band 5                        Price  2199

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One Plus Band                      Price  2499

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1.MI Smart Band 5-1.1"


In Mi Smart Band 5-1.1 Specs "you get 1.1 Inch AMOLED Display which is the latest Display Technology. Battery it gives you 14 days of charging once. Charging also gets the Magnetic type. In this you get your body. These Smart Band can track the information related to fitness and health. If you talk about Durability, material of the band thermoplastic Polyurethane, and also you get 5ATM Water Resistant Technology. In MI Smart Band 1.1 "you can track Heart, Step moment, Pulse and Stress. The feature is available.

Main Keys

  1. 1.1" Inch AMOLED Touch Display
  2. PIA (Personal Activity Intelligence)
  3. Long Battery Life Up to 2Week
  4. Water Resistant Body
  5. Magnetic Charger
  6. Bluetooth 5.0


  1. Best Display Experience
  2. Good Connect with Smartphone
  3. Health Track mostly accuracy
  1. Some Costly
  2. Strap Quality Average

2. Honor Band 5 (Coral Pink)

best smart band for men

We have placed Honor Band 5 at number two best option for buy, its price is also given around 2099. 0.95 Inch AMOLED touch Display has been given. In Honor Band 5 you also get 14 days of battery, in this you get Sleep Monitor technology so that your sleep quality can be tracked, in this you get Water Resistant technology so that you can do the activity you do during swimming. They have the capability of monitoring in water and also smart band monitor many features like heart, pulse rate and oxygen.

Main Keys

  1. 0.95 Inch" AMOLED touch Display
  2. Long Battery Unto 14 Days
  3. Special in Sleep Quality Monitor
  4. Water Resistant with monitor activity
  5. 24*7 Heart Rate Monitor 
  6. Bluetooth Connectivity
  1. Quick pair with phone
  2. Reasonable Price
  3. Heart Rate almost Accurate
  1. Strep feeling Cheap
  2. Low Battery Life

3. Samsung Galaxy Fit E (Black)

samsung fitness band for men

Smart Band under 3000 price also comes from Samsung, which is named Samsung Galaxy Fit E, which is quite stylish, if you talk about specification, then in this Smart Band you are talking about its Built Quality, then these Smart Band water Resistant That is, you get 5 ATM technology in it, i.e. due to rain and dust there is no effect in your workout. In this you get the features of mobile connectivity, you can track every movement of your workout. It also tracks your sleeping so that you can get a better sleep.

Main Keys

  1. Display 0.74 Inch
  2. Bluetooth v5.0 LE Only
  3. Water Resistant (5ATM)
  4. Better Sleeping Tracking
  5. Work out Tracking
  6. Accelerometer, HR Sensor
  1. Small Display
  2. Quality Premium
  3. Durable
  1. Small Display
  2. low Battery

4. Realme Smart Band (multi colour)


For Realme Smart Band Girls and Boys, it can be said to be quite attractive and stylish Smart Band, it looks quite premium looking when it comes to its colours. If you talk about its specs, then you can get a lot of features like Yoga Run Spinning walk biking climbing, most of them are available for tracking features. These bands come with IP68 Water Resistant meaning that you do not have any worries about falling in Rain Dust and Water. Health assistants like heart rate are also very useful. This smart band work with the smartphone

Main Keys

  1. Large Display 0.96 Inch
  2. Real Time Hear Monitor
  3. Intelligent Sport Tracker
  4. Sleep Quality Monitor
  5. Realme Smart Link app
  6. Water Resistant IP68
  1. Premium colours Available
  2. Brightness is good
  3. Reasonable Price
  1. Uncomfortable Charging
  2. Strap feels cheap quality

5. Redmi Smart Band 

fitness band for men

Talking about Redmi Smart Band, you get a very good feature in the price of the work, its look appears average, if it talks about its Specs, then it has a very large display, 5ATM Water Resistant technology is also available in this Smart Band. Health assistant feature like heart rate and workout are also available. For this, the facility of operating with the help of the app is available, these colours are also seen in the colour band option.

Main Keys

  1. 1.07" Inch large Display
  2. Heart Rate Monitoring
  3. Water Resistant (5ATM)
  4. Multi Exercise Track
  5. Bluetooth 5.0
  6. Stand By 14 Days
  1. Big Display
  2. Reasonable Price
  3. Good Strap


  1. Uncomfortable Display 
  2. low Battery Life

6. One Plus Smart Band


OnePlus Smart Band has launched the first fitness band of One Plus in India in January 2021, which has been priced at 2499 rupees. If we talk about its Specs then it has 1.1 Inch AMOLED Display, whose Resolution is given 190 * 240 Brightness adjust and Touch comes with. Talking about the sensor in this, Blood Oxygen Sensor, 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor Motor sensor are seen. All the exercise modes are given in this band, and you can connect to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth 5.0. Talking about charging, it has been given 100mAh battery, which lasts for about 14 days. These Smart Band are available in three colours.

Main Keys

  1. 1.1 Inch AMOLED Display
  2. 100mAh Battery (14 Days)
  3. 5ATM, IB68 Water Resistant
  4. 13 Exercise Mode Trackers
  5. Connect with BT 5.0
  6. Heart Rate Sensor
  1. No Data
  1. No Data

There are many types of smart bad available in the market, in which you can get a very different price, when we make any smart band purchase, then we should take care of some things that your budget and what features are available in it. The point that you need to pay attention when buying Smart Band are given below.

  • Tips for buying a Smart Band (Buying Guide)

1. Material and Durability - When you buy smart fitness band, then you need to keep in mind what material this band is made of and whether its durability and warranty is being given or not, many smart bands come with waterproof which may have more durability.

3. Customer Rating -Whenever you buy any product, then you must see that product rating and customer review because only a Buyer gives correct information about that product, this is the rule that you need to pay attention while buying Smart Band.

2. Feature - When you buy a Smart Band, then you should see how smart band you are buying, that is, what feature you are getting for health in that Smart Band and what smart specification are given in it.

4. Battery and Charger - When you buy a Smart Band, you should also check that the battery life of the Smart Band you are buying and how much the battery can be charged or the battery has to be changed because Smart Band takes care of our health If you will keep the battery life too long or not.

5. Connectivity - When it comes to Smart Band, it is also a matter of smartphone and how is the connectivity of both Smart Band and Smartphone and you should also check whether you can connect Bluetooth or wireless from mobile phone.

FAQs frequently asked questions.

Q. Which Brand is the best Fitness Band Under 3000?

Ans. Mi Smart Band is may be best According to the research.

Q.which is the best Redmi Smart Band or Relame Band?

Ans. Realme is the stylish and Redmi Feature called good.

Q. Honor or Samsung which is the best?

Ans. Samsung may be good smartband honor also with price and brand.

Q. Where Can Buy a strap for the fitness band?

Ans.  you can buy this fineness band strap from the link.


The price of smart band given above is around under 3000 and all these features are also very similar, we have created this list of smart with the help of Internet, these can prove to be popular and best rated Smart Band. The best Smart Band Under 3000 can be called. For more information about the all band you can check by the buy now link