what is hosting and domain name? When we talk about websites or blogging, then the first mention of hosting and domain comes to mind and we start searching in Google about Domain Hosting, what are Domain and Hosting. Which web hosting is the cheapest? We will try to find out in detail. We will compare web hosting which is counted as the best web hosting in 2020.

What is Hosting? Full Information

What is web hosting? We try to understand this with an example, suppose when we take a computer and we need storage to keep any data like video, photo, document, or any file we need a hard disk to keep in it. In the same way whenever we create any website or blog and in that blog, we write an article, use image, the video also to keep the data of that content, we need storage or say data collector In order to be safe anywhere, and for anyone to access that data from any country, only we need web hosting. Web hosting means keeping our website up and running in the right manner.

If we need web hosting for our blog or website, then a powerful server is needed which will keep our website connected to the Internet for 24 hours so that users who access that website will not have any problem accessing data.

Web Hosting requires a Powerful Server, for which we have to resort to Web Hosting Company because this Web Hosting Server requires a lot of Infrastructure like Manpower, Server Maintenance, much technical information is required. We can purchase Web Hosting from these companies either monthly or annually, which are also the different prices of different companies.

How many types of web hosting?


There are many types of web hosting, their web hosting cost is also different, these are mainly four types of hosting, which have been tried to understand with full information below.

1.Share web Hosting

What is shared hosting? As the name suggests. In this hosting, we have to share with others, that is, many people use one server to store their website. This is called Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting has some advantages such as it is much cheaper web hosting than other Hosting because in this you shared Hosting with others. This type of hosting is the best hosting for Beginners because Beginners are able to start their website at a low cost.

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2.Dedicated web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting only shows that this Hosting is Dedicated for only one website i.e., in this Hosting, you have the right to the entire server, no other website is hosted on this server, which is why the cost of this dedicated hosting price is very high.  The advantage of this dedicated hosting is that you have complete control over it so that you can control the setting of this hosting on your own, and your website's performance in this hosting is very good, so how many visitors on your website The performance of your website does not deteriorate.

3.VPS Hosting (virtual private server)

VPS Hosting is a combination of shared hosting and Dedicated Hosting as VPS Hosting in the name meaning it is a Virtual Private Hosting i.e. in this hosting, you can take space for yourself according to your website data, that is, for a website you need to own According to how many GB's data storage area for your website, you give Charge of this hosting and whatever website you are hosting with it and how much space you are using, they also take up space according to their own website data, that is, space is distributed to many websites in one server. and the same full server charge distributed by the website and website data 

VPS Vs Shared hosting? There are some advantages of VPS hosting that it has more space, bandwidth, and server power than Shared Hosting. This hosting gives a good performance in comparison to shared hosting to your website traffic.

4.Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting is much better than Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, in this you have many servers working together for your website, where your website's performance gives better performance than another hosting. With this, there is no limit to space, Ram, and how much traffic comes to your website, this Cloud Hosting handles this easily. Cloud Hosting is the most popular hosting at this time, due to cloud hosting price is very high, if your website is very popular and a lot of traffic comes to your website, then this Cloud Hosting can prove to be the best for you.

What should be a good feature in Web Hosting?

what is hosting

What is web hosting? We have provided information on how many types there are. Now, what should be the most important feature that makes your web hosting good? These features depend on your Hosting Type, Hosting Company, and that hosting plan.


With Bandwith, the speed of your website depends if your hosting band is less then the loading speed of your website will be less, due to which the visitor may have problems in accessing your website and more traffic can cause the server of your website to down Your hosting band should be more. So that the server can handle the loading speed and more traffic to your website.


All web hosting companies claim that they provide the best Uptime service in their hosting means that whenever visitors visit your website they always load quickly, the server is not down.


The most important part of web hosting is storage, these different hosting companies give you this space according to your plan, where you can store and store your website data like images, videos, content, etc. You take hosting on it. It is important to pay attention to.

4.Email Id

When you take web hosting, you need to pay attention to whether the hosting plan you are taking has the facility of email hosting or not, but when you take hosting with a domain from a hosting company, then most of the hosting company will It gives convenience.


Backup is very important for any website, so whenever you buy web hosting, then definitely see what kind of backup plan you are being given in it. Because if you ever suffer from data loss, then store the backup of your entire website by storing your website so that it can be used again.

6.Customer Support

When we take Hosting then its customer support plays a very big role because whenever there is a problem in our hosting such as loading speed, server down then we need support so when you get hosting then you call them on helpline Check whether the hosting you are purchasing is always ready for support or not.

Cheap Web Hosting Company for Beginners

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The above information will help you in getting a good hosting. Now we are going to the list of the most popular hosting companies for 2020 as given below.

These plans have been compared in view of plan shared hosting. These plans are the best and cheapest web hosting plans for beginners which are becoming more popular in 2020.

Cheap Shared Web Hosting Services in India

1.Hostinger Plan with feature

We are keeping Hostinger at number one so that its price is very low compared to others according to one year, these companies are very good for India's website, 

Single Web Hosting

Single web Hosting- In this web hosting plan, you get only 1 website, 1 email, and support for up to 100000 visitors. If you are talking, then you do not get to see features like free domain and Daily Backup in this hosting.

Premium web Hosting

The price of this shared hosting is high but in this plan, you get all the unlimited features like you get the facility of one free domain, unlimited website host, email id host, and unlimited visitors support, along with this you will also get weekly backup. Give convenience.

2.Hostgator web Hosting

We have placed Hostgator at another number because its price is higher than that of hostinger. These hosting companies are good service providers in India as well as in other countries, so it can prove to be a very good hosting company for you. The features of its plane are given below.

Starter Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, for those people who are still blogging or starting a website, in this plan you get to see facilities like single Domain, 10GB Disk, 5 Email Account, free in this hosting plan Did not see SSL certificate when I checked this website, this website is giving free c panel.

Baby Shared Hosting

In this hosting plan, you get the facility of 3 websites, Unlimited Disk, Unlimited Email, C-panel, in this plan also the free SSL certificate was not seen. this down of this Hostgator web hosting its not good, keet it end of the option.

3.Bluehost Web Hosting

The two plans of Bluehost web are good enough for the beginner which is given below, these hosting are rare hosting compared to the other but its service can be considered very good, they all provide support in the country.

Basic Plan for Beginners

With Bluehost, you get a free domain, 1 website host, 50GB SSD storage for this plan, and also Unmetered Bandwidth and Free SSL Certificate. These comparisons are quite good if compared to Hostgator because there is not much difference in the yearly price and free SSL is being provided and the service is also very good.

Plus Web Hosting Plan

With this web hosting plan, you get to see features like 1free domain, Unlimited Websites hosted, Unlimited SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and Free SSL Certificate. In this hosting, you can also host a subdomain, this feature got a special look at this hosting, which is a very good feature for beginners.