What is Permalink? Giving full information on this subject, if you are a new blogger, then this information is very important for you, so you should read this article carefully, Permalink is the URL of your blog post, it also affects your post's SEO and What should not be the mistake in writing permalink and how to write the correct permalink is given in this article, so in this post will make all Doubt clear about your permalink.

How to write seo friendly Permalink

What is a permalink?

So first of all, know what Permalink is? When we write a post in our blog, we consider that post to be a page of our blog, and the address of that page is called Permalink. Just like when we create a blog, we have to take a domain for our blog and that domain is an identity of our blog. In the same way, if you search the domain name of my blog which is realyhow.online on Google on the Internet, then you will come directly to my blog, just like when you write a post for your blog, then you have a unique address for that page. You have to create this type of address realyhow.online/2020/09/mobile-specification-with-price This is the unique address of the posting page of any of our blogs. And this is called the Permalink of the Post's page. It is also called the URL of the post

Permalink is written in Blogger in two ways.

  1. Automatic Permalink
  2. Custom Permalink

In the beginning, new bloggers used Automatic Permalink, in this Permalink itself, the title keyword itself is used in Permalink which gives an effect on the SEO of our Permalink, so we should always use Custom Permalink because of some benefits of Custom Permalink that we are going to describe below.

In custom permalink, we can make that page url SEO friendly by using some keywords from our post in our permalink.

How to create post permalink?

You have Options for Links on the Right Side in your blog post window, click on it and two options will open 1. Automatic   Permalink 2. Custom Permalink You have to select Custom Permalink  and  make  your permalink  in  it  like  my   website   permalink  of  this  post https://www.realyhow.online/2020/09/permalink.html, in the same way, you can create a permalink of your blog Example is shown in the image below.

Custom Permalink
Only use Small Latter and - symble in between 
Some Permalink examples are given below.

Short Permalink
Image 1. - Right Permalink

Only three main keywords are used in the above image, such permalink should be used.

Short Permalink
Image 2. -Mistak Permalink

What are the differences between Image 1 and Image 2?

  • The number used in the permalink given in Image 1, which also shows Date and Time, are examples of incorrect Permalink. And Image 1 is the correct examples.
  • The permalink given in Image 1 will always be visible as a new post, and in Image 2, the date and time are showing which shows when it was written and how old the information is.
  • Image 1 shows the URLs of the Permalink Professional blog and in Image 2 it shows the Permalink unprofessional Permalink.
  • Image 1 contains Permalink Seo Friendly, gives Url a good look. While the permalink given in Image 2 is not Seo Friendly. And when it comes to the look, adding the number seems strange.


In this article, complete information about permalink is given, which you can use. If your blog is old then you should not make any changes in any of your posts, otherwise, it may have a wrong effect in the ranking of your blog. If you have a new blog then you can change it. To make changes, you can find a solution on the Internet so that your blog can become a professional blog in the beginning.