Articles are the main key for any blog, which works to give importance to your blog or website, if there is no power in your article, then it has an impact on your complete blog, so writing an article with the right and complete information is important because the content is king

When we talk about writing articles, then many questions come to our mind about how should I write an article, and after reading some articles, I have understood some facts about articles, which I am going to tell through this article. I have been asking how should we write an article? So that we can get maximum benefits from that article. So let's tell talk about how to write the article and what are its benefits.

how to write an article

how to write a blog post? get blog benefits

First of all, you should try to write your article long because all experience blogger recommends us to write at least 2000 to 3000-word articles, it seems a little difficult to write such a big article because I have tried myself but more and more You should try to write a big article because writing a long article has many advantages. Which we will discuss below.

How to Write a long Article, for this you can use more and more questions in your blog post such as what are blogs? How to create a blog? What are the benefits of making a blog? Etc. that is, you can make a long article by giving answers to many questions on one topic, so that you will give complete information in your article and the article will also become big. And the question that will be in the mind of the USER who will come to read it, he will easily read it to scroll so that the user's time can also be saved.

When you finish the article, then you can express your thoughts or say what information you got from reading this article, you can tell it in the end, it will make your article longer. Or you can finally tell that article in short what has been said in the article so that the user knows in less time what information that article wants to give.

When you start an article, what do you want to tell and what information is being given to your article, you must write it at the beginning of your article, this will increase the interest of the reader and if that topic is right for him then he will read that article, the beginning of the article tells the whole story of an article about what is in that article, so you should keep main details in the beginning so that the article has power and reader will read that article completely.

If you try to understand the reader by giving an example to make the blog longer, it will increase the interest of the user and will increase your content and will increase the interest of reading the USER.

What are the benefits of Long articles?

The biggest advantage of writing a long article is that you will give more and more information in your article, that is, the quality of your content will increase and when the quality of the content increases, then your content will be expected to be ranked higher and I will tell that if your content is long, then it will definitely rank because I have experienced that whose content is long, it is soon searched in google.

When you write long content, then you can show more ads in your blog post and the reader is not disturbed by the ads, as I have written these content and I want to show ads in my article, then in this article, I can show as many ads as possible, the reader will not be disturbed and will also see life in your article.

In writing a big article, we can use many keywords, which will increase our hope to rank some keyword, so that your keyword rank will be indexed soon in google, your long article that you have written.

Write a long article and make more money When we talk about earning from our blog, then you can earn more from your blog by adopting all these tips, you will ask how? When your article will be big, more ads will be seen in it, when ads are more, impression and clicks will increase and because of long, your article will rank in google, then earnings will increase.

When you write a big article, then the visitor on your blog stays longer, then both DA and PA of your blog increases because when visitors stay longer on your blog then Google feels that the quality of its post is good Because visitors stay longer in this and the bounce rate of your blog is also reduced which is good for your blog.


You must try to write a long article and you will follow the suggestions given above, then you will definitely be able to write a long article. It also makes SEO  friendly article. I understood this after reading many blogger's articles which I have shared with you, I will definitely share whenever I understand something new.