The most important thing in blogging is the keyword, if we do not do keyword research properly, the importance of our written post is very low. Whether you want to do SEO for your post, whether to write someone's title, keyword research in it is very important. To rank any post in google it is very important to do keyword research. It is very important to have long-tail keywords in our blog, which are necessary for our on-page SEO, in this post those keyword tools have also been told.

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For keyword research, we need keyword research tools that are both free and paid. Today we are going to tell you about keyword research tools that are paid for but you can use these for free. These paid tools have some limitations. But when you use these five tools, then with the help of them you can do keyword research for your post. You can also use these keyword tools in searching for products for your website like Amazon products. These tools will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Keyword research free tool list

1. Wordtracker - Wordtracker is a paid keyword research tool, but on this website, we are free to do 10 keyword research, that is, every day we can use 10 keywords on this website for our article. You also get information about keyword competition and keyword volume.

2.Keywords Everywhere - You can use this tool as your google extension. With these keyword research tools, you can do keyword research for your post any time with the help of this extension. Most people use this keyword research. This keyword shows the search volume of the keyword searched in your google.

3.Keyword SufferThe keyword suffer also works as a keyword everywhere, you can also use it as an extension in google chrome. A special thing in suffer keyword is that it tells the CPC and volume of the keyword exactly and can use this extension according to the country. I found this keyword extension the best. When you write a keyword in the search bar, google writes the same keyword related to it and it shows google keyword search volume with the keyword in the same, and on clicking on it, CPC also tells you that it was very good.

4.Keyword Eg - Keyword eg is a paid website, but as you can do 10 keyword searches in word tracker, in this way you get the opportunity to search 5 keywords. The special thing about this website is that in this you also see CPC search volume competition SEO related query which gives complete information about your keyword research. That is, these keyword research tools give complete information about any keyword.

5.keyword Io - You can use this tool to search for long-tail keywords, in this you do not get all the information related to volume CPC then SEO but in this tool, this feature is available which keyword you. You can search according to your title or you can filter by targeting with different keywords. These free keyword tools are also available and paid for. You can also add this keyword tool to your keyword research tools.


These five best free keyword research tools you can search for a good keyword for your post. These are paid keyword research tools but with some limitations, you can use these tools. If you are a new blogger then these five keyword research tools will be very useful for you. In these keyword research tools, you can use these tools for both long-tail keywords and short keywords.


There are more keyword tools available on the internet with the help of which you can do a keyword search for your post and you can rank your post by making it SEO friendly. If you want to use a good tool then you can benefit by using these tools. Can lift These keyword research tools can be used with some limitations while I am writing, but there may be some changes in their policy in the coming time, so these keyword research tools can be used based on the policies of that time.