Realme Q or Redmi S Earbuds Under 2000

Today, two wireless Bluetooth earbuds have been brought for listeners of music and songs, which are almost the same price. There are two brands, one is realme Q true wireless earbud S and Redmi earbuds. Know what their specification and price are.

Realme earbuds wireless Q Review

Realme earbus Q

First of all, we know about realme Buds Q, as these are realme brand wireless earbuds when talking about its price, it has been priced at Rs 1899, which is available at a very affordable price, if you talk about its sound, then one of them Good bass sound is available if you listen to it in mid sound or high sound, then you will experience with good sound quality with powerful bass in it. Talking about the design, these earbuds are round in shape and these earbuds come in three colors, white, yellow, and black. The earbud has a 40mAH battery if they have a 400mAH battery along with the charging case. If you do music, game, and calling in it, the playtime for these earbuds is 4 hours. The playtime of these earbuds with the Charging case is around 20 hours. talking about connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 is given to these earbuds. You can use these earbuds by touch, whether you want to play games, music, or calling, just by tabbing with your finger. These earbuds you get an app with which you can control it, these are its special features.

Redmi S Wireless Earbuds Review

Redmi Earbuds S

Now let's talk about Redmi Earbuds, its price is 1799 rupees which are available at an affordable price. If you talk about sound then these earbuds also come with Bass Sound. Noise cancellation technology has been given to these earbuds, which makes your calling experience good. The design of these earbuds fit in your ears which are quite light, you do not know that you have placed them in your ears. But these earbuds are only black in color. It has a battery of 43mAH and a 300mAH battery with a charging case. Playtime is 4 hours without a charging case and with a charging case, it can be used for 12 hours. Connectivity is available on these earbuds Bluetooth 5.0, which makes connectivity stable when calling. In this, you also get the touch feature to use whether calling, playing games, or music is heard.

Redmi S VS Realme Q

Realme earbus Q 

Redmi Earbuds S 

Brand: Realme 

Brand: Redmi 

 Sound: Clear and Bass Quality

Sound: Bass, Noice Cancellation  

Battery: 40mAH without Case, with case  400mAh

Battery: 43mAH without a case with case 300mAH 

 Playtime: with case 20 Hours, without case 4hours

Playtime: 4 Hours with a case, without case 12hours 

 Colors: white, black, yellow

Color: Black 


Talking about both earbuds, there is not much difference between the two, except for the color, realme earbuds Q get three colors and Redmi S earbuds only get one color and earbuds Q are slightly higher price and Earbuds S less. In Q you get the color option, you get the same in both battery and sound.

Both Earbuds Prices In India

1. realme Buds Q in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds (White)    Price 1633   Buy Now

2. realme Buds Q in-Ear True Wireless Earbuds (Black)    Price  1990   Buy Now

3. Redmi Earbuds S In-Ear True Wireless Earbuds (Black)   Price 1799  Buy Now