If you are looking for a good keypad mobile and are thinking of buying one, then you are in the right place. Below are good keypad mobiles from Nokia, Samsung, and Lava, you can use this mobile as your second mobile, you can buy it for calling or to gift someone.

Keypad mobile Under 2000

1. Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black)


Nokia 105 keypad mobile

Nokia 105 looks quite beautiful in appearance, in this mobile you get a 1.8 Inch Display. Regarding the battery, there is a battery of 800mAH, which can be talked about for about 14 hours. Regarding the features, it only has Wireless FM. Nokia keypad mobile price in India is Rs 1170.

2. Samsung Guru 1200 (GT-E1200, Black)

samsung guru keypad mobile

In Samsung guru keypad Mobile you get a 1.5 Inch Display. It also has an 800 mAh battery, which gives about 7 hours of talk time. If you talk about the features than you do not get any special features in it. its best Samsung keypad mobile below 2000

3. Lava A1 Josh (Black)


If you are looking at a cheap and made in India mobile, then Lava A1 can be a very good option, it has a display of 1.8 inches and has a battery of 800 mAh when it comes to battery. With this, you will get a memory slot of up to 32 GB.

4. Samsung Guru FM Plus (SM-B110E/D, Black)

Samsung Guru FM Plus

The keypad mobile also comes from Samsung, it gets a 1.8-inch display with a battery of 800mAH, which has a talk time of about 10 hours. If we talk about the feature, FM radio is available in it.

5. Inovu A9i Dual SIM (Black+Red)

Inovu A91 Dual Sim

Inova's Keypad Mobile Phone comes in at number five on our list. The display is about 1.7 inches long. The battery is 800mAH, from which you can use it for about 8 hours. In this, you get the feature of a memory slot, in which songs can be stored.

Keypad mobile prices in India

1. Nokia 105 Single SIM (Black)               Price 1170        Buy Now  

2. Samsung Guru 1200 (Black)                Price 1405        Buy Now

3. Lava A1 Josh (Black)                               Price 865          Buy Now      
4. Samsung Guru FM Plus (Black)              Price  1449       Buy Now
5.Inovu A9i Dual SIM (Black, Red)             Price 599           Buy Now         


  1. There may be some changes in price over time.