Who does not like music and when talk about music, the joy of listening to music on speakers is different to feel, but Speakers are many types, like big or small or medium. When it comes to Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, these speakers also have their own distinct advantages like we can carry Portable Speaker anywhere and there is no problem in moving them from one place to another.

These small and portable wireless speakers are very useful when we want to listen to the songs of our choice or while doing yoga or exercise in the hard courtyard, because by connecting them to Bluetooth with smartphone, we can enjoy music with the help of our Smartphone by Exercise or Yoga. In view of these portable speaker benefits, we have brought some Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker in this article which is quite light and easy to carry and the price of  Bluetooth speaker under 1500, so let's see which speakers are in this list.

Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers 2021

baAt Stone 200 3W                          Price 1299    Buy Now

Philips BT64A Speaker                   Price  1450

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Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker        Price  1207

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Infinity (JBL) Speaker                     Price  1299

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Clavier Supersonic Speaker          Price  1339

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Artis BT90 Wireless Speaker         Price 1099

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1. boAt Stone 200 3W Bluetooth Speaker(Black)

Boat Stone 200 Speaker

The BoAt Stone 200 Speaker is a Reasonable Price Bluetooth Speaker with a 3W speaker, Portable Boat Speaker is like very small, light and Durable. Bluetooth V4.1 has been provided for connectivity in the speaker, whose range is about 10 meters, it comes with Speaker Water Resistant Support. Inbuilt Mic Support is seen in this speaker. Battery 1500mAh battery has been given in it, which can be charged in about 3.30 Hours.

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2. Philips BT64A Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Philips BT64A Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Philips Wireless Speaker is very light and Durable Speaker, it also has a sound quality of 3W. Philips speaker is the most expensive speaker available in this list. If it talks about its main feature, then Bluetooth for connectivity in it, and you can connect it to most devices with the help of 3.5 mm jack and Aux Cable and you can Philips speakers for pc. In this, you also get the option to Slot microSD with the help of USB Port. Battery Chargeable has been given in it. And it has LED Indicator that indicates the connectivity of Charging and Aux Cable.

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3. Zebronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Zebronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics Wireless Bluetooth speakers are a lot more weight speaker in this list it's around 920g but this speaker has a handle which allows you to carry it easily. Now talk about its feature, a 12 W speaker has been given in it whose performs good sound quality. For connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1 has been given, whose range can give support of about 10 meters. Aux USB and 3.5 mm jack are available in this speaker. Its batteries lose charge in about three hours, they are available in Black colour on Amazon.

4. Infinity (JBL) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Infinity (JBL) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Infinity Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight and durable material made of speaker. This speaker has an audio output of 4.5W. For connectivity, Bluetooth 4.2 has been supported in it. This speaker comes with IPX7 Waterproof, meaning that it does not have much effect of dust and rain. In this speaker you get to see audio quality like Normal and Deep Base. Talking about the battery life of this speaker, if you charged 3.5 hours, it lasts for 7 to 8 hours. These speakers are available in Red and Black colour. This infinity speaker prices under 1500

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5. Clavier Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Clavier Supersonic Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Clavier Speaker gets a much lighter look with an attractive look. The Output Sound of 10 W is seen in this speaker. Features such as Rich Bass and Deep Base are available in this speaker which are capable of giving 360 degree values. Now let's talk about its connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Technology comes with 131 feet distance support. Ports like USB port Aux cable are also given in it. Now let's talk about its battery, it has a large battery of 2400 mAh, which can charge for about 12 hours once charged.

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6. Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Artis BT 90 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is neither full nor light, we can call it Average Weight Speaker. Sound quality of 3W is available in it. If we talk about the specs of this speaker, then it comes with Bluetooth 2.0 support, whose Connectivity Range is about 10 meters. It also has features like USB Aux and FM of Connectivity. If you talk about Battery then 1500mAh has been given which can be charged in about one. This speaker comes in black rang.

Main Keys

Bluetooth speaker buying guide

Durable with Sound Quality 

Whenever we buy any product, firstly we must pay attention to its durability, such as what its materials are and nowadays many products come with water resistant should also be taken care of when it comes to speaker. Should be on sound quality.

Connectivity Option

When we talk about Wireless Speaker, it does not have a Bluetooth option, but we need to pay attention to the Bluetooth version as well. And other Connecting Option like Aux Cable, microSD USB Port Charging Type in Speaker should also be noted.

Battery and Play Time

When it comes to Portable Speaker, we have to carry it and also to use it out of home, so one must pay attention to the battery of the speaker and how much time is in charge and how much is its playtime after being charged. Should also pay attention.

Buyer Review and Rating

When we buy any product, we do not know anything, so we must first check the Buyer's review and Rating, which you can easily read on the Internet.


If you are thinking of getting a Portable Speaker, then this article will help you to buy like this type of speakers. We also included some wireless speakers that come with Durable and good sound quality. And Connectivity can also be seen in all of these Bluetooth, Aux Cable, USB Port and microSD Support, whose price is around 1500 or below. These speakers are very lightweight and small size which can be easily carried in the bag or in the hands, you can Liston music from these speakers to any place.